Salesforce Frontdoor

What is it?

The frontdoor is a technical webpage ( ) managed by Salesforce to access a Salesforce org or Communities (Experience Cloud) in the browser. You just need to pass a sessionId as a url parameter to start browsing the app with the credentials provided by the sessionId.
The sessionId can be generated by a connected app (oAuth), a refresh token, the value returned by UserInfo.getSessionId(), $Api.SessionID in formula, or the result of the SOAP login() call.
The frontdoor page can be called either with a http POST method (formular) or GET (url parameter)

Get a Salesforce sessionId

You are not yet connected to Salesforce, you must first connect to the environment. By using the "connect" button below, we start an oAuth flow to retrieve the sessionId and prepare the link to access the frontdoor.
The application is fully secured, nothing will go through the servers, everything is with direct connection between your browser and Salesforce servers. The session is not sent to any other server.

Use the Salesforce sessionId with the frontdoor

The target domain is
Your session id is

The simplest way to use your session with the frontdoor is with this link:

You can use the sessionId with a POST request, quicker with less redirections, by clicking on this button

To use the session Id with an API call, try with curl something like this
curl /services/data/v50.0/ -H "Authorization: Bearer "

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