.glb model viewer

Display .glb files (glTF )

By creating a custom URL you are able to display a 3D Model in your own page (as an iFrame), or full screen.
Just add to the current URL (https://jla.ovh/glb) a # followed by the attributes and values.
The parameters (attributes) are listed on this page https://modelviewer.dev/docs/
If you want to change the style, use the style parameter followed by the css values.

Basic example, with just the glb file URL: https://jla.ovh/glb#src=https://jla.ovh/glb-jla.glb
Example with Style: https://jla.ovh/glb#src=https://jla.ovh/glb-jla.glb&style=--poster-color:#aaf;background:linear-gradient(to%20bottom%20right,#ccf,#66f);

The server of the glb file must send the headers Access-Control-Allow-Origin for the origin https://jla.ovh
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